The Cook

Cooking is the reason that I am on this planet.

Byron Borel began his love affair with food as a self-taught farm boy (tiny Bo’s Hollow, Missouri) who planted, grew, harvested and experimented with food preparation at home. He launched his career as a Ritz Carlton chef under the tutelage of world-renowned chef Jodi Valles, from Barcelona. On the farm or at the Ritz, he has always embraced cooking as his passion.

“I have worked for years to become an accomplished cook—not chef but cook. I want to be hands-on in the kitchen, focused on the way each ingredient contributes to make a dish the most delicious and appealing it can be.”

Byron Borel

Byron cooked for the Ritz Carlton Hotels for 15 years, at the Amelia Island Resort and in Colorado, always expanding his repertoire. Now a personal chef and caterer in Denver, he prides himself on designing menus with clients, customizing artful meals to suit personal tastes and health requirements.

Opening my kitchen to you.

Gourmet Meal Delivery

Food that's all about you

Borel’s Colorado Kitchen will customize menus for your family’s dietary needs and culinary desires. Byron works with you every step of the way to ensure all of your expectations are met and exceeded and delivers delicious food for every palate.


Enjoy delicious meals prepared with the freshest, hand-selected ingredients. Byron will customize nutritious and healthy meals to help you manage your health.
Stop searching for recipes, making grocery lists, shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning.
Eliminate exposure at grocery stores and restaurants. We deliver contact-free, customized gourmet meals directly to your door.

The Perfect Gift

  • new parents
  • elderly neighbor
  • friend in need of a little TLC

It’s important to take care of one another. Let your loved ones know you are thinking of them with beautifully crafted, delicious, nutritious meals.

“I believe in the power of food to bring people together.” — Byron Borel

Private Catering

Whether you seek traditional white glove service or innovative buffet creations, or are hosting an intimate dinner or a wedding crowd, Borel’s Colorado Kitchen can help you fashion a custom menu that is creative, delicious and unique.

Themed dinner. One-of-a-kind appetizers. Hand-selected ingredients, sourced from Colorado’s finest farms, butchers and fish markets. Byron’s creative and soulful cooking will be evident in each and every bite.

Byron teams up with staff, servers and bartenders who have decades of experience in private catering. In addition, an administrative assistant works alongside him to ensure a seamless experience.

“Byron is a total pro.”


  • Byron Borel prepared amazing meals for my family when my husband had a limited diet due to health issues. The meals followed the diet rules to a “t,” and Byron managed to make the food delicious and satisfying. He was a godsend at a very challenging time!

  • Byron is a total pro. He’s cooked for our family and catered events at our home, and everything was perfect. The food’s delicious, the kitchen is left spotless, and he makes the whole thing very seamless and effortless.

  • We hired Bryon to cater an event for 50+ people. The food was creative, high quality, beautiful and most importantly, delicious. His team arrived on time and expertly prepared for the event. Our guests raved over the food and many asked for his business card. Cleanup was simple and quick—he took care of everything. We cannot recommend him enough.

  • I found Byron just in time to host a professional holiday party. We had explored a variety of options for catering, and Bryon was by far the most responsive and accommodating. The food was AMAZING! Several individuals asked for his contact information for similar events. Byron and his team set right up in the kitchen and provided an incredibly sophisticated and delicious variety of items that one would have thought were coming fresh from a full restaurant kitchen—a menu he put together all on his own. Byron and his team were thoughtful and attentive, leaving no detail untouched. We were very impressed.

  • The food is always exceptionally delicious. We so enjoy Chef Byron’s cooking. This is a game changer.

  • My parents are eating fresh, nutritious meals, prepared exactly the way they like and delivered right to their door. They are feeling strong, healthy and have more energy–with no more worries about what’s for dinner!


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